Axel Weis
Photography and Websites

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Interested in Quality Photography, Illustration & Video?

For 2023 my plan is to have my own business together with other contributors, who like to share photos, illustrations and videos for business partner, NCOs or just for fun.

May be you like to work together with me and you want to share your graphic design or photography skills with me?

Photography is my passion

About me

My passion in photography startet when I was very young and playing with my fathers camera, an AGFA Isolette. After not so expensive cameras I got my first SLR during my studies, an YASHICA FX-D and later a NIKON FE-2  with Nikon-designed vertical-travel focal-plane shutter with a speed range of 8 to 1/4000th second.

Building your website

You would like to launch your own website or do you like to relaunch your old one? Web hosting is annoying for you? I

can help you to create one or I will tell you how to start an internet business.